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Funeral monument configurator

Sottile Funéraire creates and supplies funeral monuments for professionals.

Faced with the very important possibilities for the creation of a monument, Sottile wanted to have a tool allowing to configure a custom monument, to apply the desired material among more than fifty and to obtain a 360 visual. ° or a particular view


  • We have developed an online configurator allowing the choice of each of the elements of a monument, to choose their dimensions and to customize the different options (patterns, texts, accessories, etc.)
  • The images are generated on demand on a dedicated server running our image generator produced from a 3D engine
  • This server is capable of generating approximately 800 high definition images per minute
  • A cache allows to keep the configurations already made for later access more fast
  • The system is upgradeable and allows new elements, patterns, accessories and materials to be added


  • The application was developed under Unity 3D
  • The server functions ne under Linux


  • Wanerys for the development of the front and backoffice of the website

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