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The Temple of Mars
Centre d’Interprétation du Patrimoine – Corseul

As part of the renovation of the museum, we have produced an immersive solution and the production of a 10-minute film allowing 16 visitors simultaneously to discover the history of this extraordinary Gallo-Roman site.

Solutions :

  • Production of the 360 ​​° film in synthetic image lasting 10 minutes
  • Exchange with the scientific committee
  • Realization of the synchronized diffusion device on the Pico VR 4K standalone VR headsets
  • Realization of a Teaser
  • Supply and installation of equipment on site
  • Control of the device in planned mode or manually via a touchscreen tablet


  • The movie was made with Maya and the Arnold renderer
  • Using Golaem Crowd simulation technology
  • The application of VR headsets allowing the choice of language and synchronization of video playback was developed under Unity 3D
  • Deployment of a server for synchronization and display on a screen at the entrance to the room
  • A UVc helmet disinfection system has been deployed
  • The headset used is a Pico G2 4K.


  • Opixido for the production of printed visuals

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