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The Visitors of the Virtuals
Grand Cognac


  • The agglomeration community of Grand Cognac wanted to boost, modernize and make more attractive its cultural offer using innovative technologies such as virtual reality.
  • This experience is deployed on 3 sites, each with 6 headsets connected in a network.


  • We have developed a very light complete solution allowing network play and the collaboration of 6 people simultaneously.
  • Six eras have been illustrated on the basis of research and dialogues with scientific experts of great Cognac (Cretaceous, Neolithic, Romanesque, Renaissance, Gabarres, Cognac)
  • The technical solution is very simple and flexible to use since it is based on stand-alone systems, including the server which is supported by an Android tablet


  • The application was developed under Unreal Engine
  • The headset used is the Vive Focus Plus, the server is an Android tablet


  • Graphic Art and Heritage (historical measurement and modeling) and associated Decoders (co-design, historical mediation)

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