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Portes Mordelaises VR
Musée de bretagne

As part of the temporary exhibition “Rennes les vies d’une ville” presented from October 19, 2018 to August 25, 2019 at the Musée de Bretagne, the digital and audiovisual device offered to visitors aims to help them discover the role and changes to the Portes Mordelaise site in Rennes.

  • We have developed a fully autonomous immersive application, the visitor is invited via a screen to bring one of the two virtual reality headsets, the scenario starts as soon as the headset recognizes the presence of a user.
  • The modeling was carried out on the basis of the archaeological study carried out by INRAP.
  • For this project, we took care of the installation and maintenance on site.
  • The application was developed under Unity 3D and is accessible in complete autonomy to visitors.
  • The headset used is an HTC Vive.
  • Arnaud Ladagnous for scriptwriting and voice recording

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