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Watt is Smart
Espace des Sciences Rennes

The Rennes Science Space, in partnership with ERDF, wish to set up a simulation, in the form of a game, intended for middle and high schools to make students aware of the management of an electrical network at the scale of a metropolis.

The simulation is brought to life by the space for roaming science in middle and high schools.

Each team will have to ensure the balance between electricity consumption / production and make the best collective and individual choices through a voting system.


  • The solution we have deployed is based on the Unity 3D game engine.
  • Network communication between the different workstations is made via a specific WIFI connection and uses the Photon framework.
  • The interaction is fully tactile Promothean’s ActiVote voting devices are natively integrated into theapplication


  • The application was developed under Unity 3D

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